When you feel invalid

Whenever me and my friends talk about more personal stuff I always feel like I should not say anything because… I had it easy.

At least compared to them.

Like I have this friend who had (still has) depression and she used to cut herself, she was bullied to the extent which I have never experienced. Her life was a literal hell for several years.

I had my own hell, but it was nothing like that. My hell seems to be almost heaven whenever I hear about things like that.

It makes me feel like my experiences are not really valid.

But they are valid for me. And this is what should count.

With mental health it’s not about how difficult your situation was objectively, it’s how difficult it was relatively – just for you. Because it’s your perception of the situation that impacted your well-being.

So, if someone tells you that what you’ve been through is nothing, that people have it worse in life – do not pay attention to this. You are living your own life, not somebody else’s. You are fighting your own fight and if you feel you need help reach out. If you’ve perservered be proud – because you haven’t given up.

No pain, no struggle, no experience is less valid – they are just different.



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