Struggles of a millenial (part 1?)

I’m finishing my university studies this June (hopefully) so I need to move out of the place I’m staying right now. And frankly I want to move out of here…

But the problem is, that finding a new place to stay is not so easy.

I am looking for a place where I’ll have it relatively close to my friends and also within a short distance to some public transportation, because I don’t have my own car (or a driving licence) but I’ll still have to get to my job somehow.

As I can’t afford renting a flat on my own (houses are not really that popular in the main city areas in Polish cities), I am looking for a room to rent.

I know it would be easier to rent something with my friends, but my friends have good conditions where they are living right now, so they won’t be moving.

Looking for a room in flats where people already live is full of disappointments and dealing with weird situations:

  • Tiny rooms where you don’t even have a space to walk through
  • Flats where a single man is looking for a single female roommate
  • Flats with 50+ y.o. owners living in them
  • Flats where the said 50+ owner has her own fridge and you have to share a mini-fridge standing in the hallway with the other renting roommates
  • Flats with no heating in the winter
  • “Single rooms” which turn out to be twin rooms
  • No washing machine (people in Poland usually do their laundry at home, there are almost no laundromats and dry cleaners is for like “special” stuff only e.g. delicate clothes of heavy blankets)
  • 8 people living in 4 rooms

I just want a nice room in a nice, not too overcrowded flat with no owner living in it. But apparently even that’s too much to ask…


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